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Best Hotel In Orlando For Kids

best hotel in orlando for kids

Day 27 - Galaga

Day 27 - Galaga

Galaga is a true O.G. of the Arcades for me.
When I started to get to experience video game arcades as a kid (early to mid 90's) arcade games had really evolved into some colourful action packed doses of gaming you just couldn't (at the time) get at home.

So when I'd go to Arcades that had old school 'SHMUP' (shoot em up) machines in, they would seemed a bit outdated to me. Another reason to back that up was the fact when I'd see someone playing these they'd be much much older than me or the kids my age.

I'm not actually sure if I gave Galaga a shot around the time I first saw it, or at least... if I did it didn't stick with me as a game I strived to play more of.

Fast forward a few years to approx 1998. One year in Florida on holiday our hotel had a bar that we'd usually be in at nights killing time after having gone out somewhere to eat. In this bar they had an old table top arcade cabinet with Galaga on it, and every single night I'd have a couple of goes on it (seeing as it was there), and each night I'd try and chase the high score someone else had set on the machine. I didn't manage to beat it, but I was improving my own personal best every other night over 2 the weeks we was in Orlando...

It wasn't until approximately 2003 when I had Galaga on "Midway Arcade Classics" for Gamecube that I finally had my own home console port of Galaga...

Then in 2008 I re-bought it again when I saw it was on Xbox Live Arcade, and spent some time pursuing my own personal best, which thanks to XBOX live leaderboards meant there was more motivation there for me to do so. It's been a while since I've played it recently, but reminiscing about it for this countdown definitely has given me the urge to get back into it.

To look at... Galaga may seem simple, however the game provided a real challenge, not to mention the risk you could take of sacrificing one of your spaceships (effectively making you lose a life), to be captured by a specific enemy type, and providing you shot that enemy you could earn that ship back, but instead of you getting an extra life back you would have 2 ships side by side giving you twice the fire power.

Explaining it makes simplifies it, but looking back I'd think it was examples like that that made Galaga stand out.

I can imagine theres a big cut off between people that will play old school SHMups and people who will just completely avoid them because of how ancient they look today, it was perhaps an era you had to of had early exposure too, and find that one particular game that made you want to keep coming back to. Galaga was that game for me.

I would absolutely love to own a Galaga arcade machine someday, or better yet a classic tabletop.

I also believe it's a fact that "SHMups" are only 2nd to Fighting Games in regards to video games that people generally prefer to play using "arcade sticks".

our blond son in orlando

our blond son in orlando

Sunday night at the Nickelodeon-themed Holiday Inn Orlando, we checked out the karaoke event in Nick Studio, only to discover that we were the only ones there. Except for a ten-yr old blond kid whose mother had left him to his own devices ("Billy [not his real name], does your mother have any pills?" I wanted to ask him). Who the announcer thought was our son, despite the complete lack of blonde genes apparent in me and V.

Our previous karaoke experiences had been under the private-room auspices of Sing Sing in the East Village, so the tv game-show-sized studio was at first daunting even if there were only a few techs and an announcer present. And Billy. And a really hyper employee who at character breakfast the next morning was still very hyper. So from their limited karaoke offerings they suggested the Spongebob theme and I duly put on my best pirate voice. "Celebration" (in honor of the gated community next door) was next, and finally Billy requested "that guy," meaning me (son!) join him in a rousing chorus or three of "Who let the dogs out."

best hotel in orlando for kids

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